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With Cartier having such a strong 2022, I confess I was worried the Maison could not keep up their incredible momentum. While there was not necessarily a horological mega-flex like the Masse Mystérieuse, Cartier once again delivered a strong year of novelties – continuing to showcase their mastery of shapes and mastery of watchmaking inside and out. Here are the best Swiss Cartier replica watches of 2023.

Cartier Privé Tank Normale Replica Watches

The seventh entry into the rare Privé collection, succeeding the Crash, Tank Cintrée, Tonneau, the Tank Asymétrique, Cloche, and Tank Chinoise, the return of the original 1917 Tank design from Louis Cartier does not seem like a major development to the uninitiated. In fact, out of its context, it can seem like a rather boring novelty. But with vintage 1:1 top Cartier fake watches gaining more and more traction on the auction block, to have the OG Tank design represented to the world in a manner that has one foot fully in the past with its faithful proportions – and another foot in the modern era with a bevelled sapphire crystal and modern manually-wound calibre – was a big deal for purists and brand VIPs.

The yellow gold configuration is explicitly clear-cut luxury, it looks very expensive and elegant from a mile away. But the platinum perfect UK Cartier copy watches is, in my opinion, the ultimate stealth-wealth flex – and one I was really drawn to. I would have loved to take the platinum Normale home with me after Watches & Wonders 2023, particularly on the matching bracelet. The only thing that could have made this release even better would be a set of blued Breguet hands.

Fake Cartier Santos De Cartier Green Dial Watches

This year, the luxury replica Santos de Cartier collection watches expanded its colour range with a new smoked green dial. Previously limited to white, black, and blue (and the blue was only available in the large size), Cartier introduced the green dial in both medium and larger sizes – and the blue finally arrived in the medium size as well. Is a new dial colour really such a revelation? Perhaps not. But, the Santos de Cartier framework is an incredibly strong luxury-daily wear framework.

With its upgraded 100m water-resistant case and interchangeable bracelet (and even link) system, there is little anyone would ask Swiss movements Cartier super clone watches to change about this range. Yes, the bezel is known to be a bit of a scratch-magnet. But this is the concession of polished metal, and I cannot imagine this watch without this element. The new dial colour expanded a go-to range for those approaching AAA wholesale Cartier replica watches, and I hope Cartier continues to expand the colour palette further. Smoked red for 2024? That would be an absolute banger.

Replica Cartier Santos Dumont Skeleton Micro-Rotor Limited Edition Watches

After the watch community was smitten with the three lacquered-case editions of the Cartier Santos Dumont fake watches online from 2022, I, like many others, was particularly drawn to the beige-lacquered pink gold limited edition. Cartier, however, would step things up a notch with a new Santos Dumont Skeleton Micro-Rotor trio in 2023. The watches are a technical and aesthetic tribute to Alberto Santos-Dumont, and use their newly developed 9629 MC automatic skeleton calibre with a micro-rotor in the shape of a replica of the Demoiselle, Santos-Dumont’s pioneering ultralight aircraft.

All of the Cartier replica watches store have lacquered channels on their openworked bridges – with stainless steel, rose gold, and yellow gold versions – but the sole limited edition model of the three stood out the most with its yellow gold case covered in navy lacquer on the front. This model felt like a continuation of the lacquered trio from 2022, having the same exhibition of external mastery while also flexing Cartier’s movement development.

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