Kate Middleton And BFF Natasha Archer’s Matching UK Top Cartier Replica Watches For Sale

It seems like Kate Middleton‘s support team is getting even more tight knit, especially as she ventures back out to do public appearances like Trooping the Colour as she focuses on her health. A few days before the event, eagle-eyed fans spotted one of Middleton’s closest friends and her trusted PA and stylist, Natasha Archer, wearing the same accessory as the Duchess herself — perfect 1:1 Ballon Bleu de Cartier replica watches. This luxurious Swiss made Cartier super clone watches, valued at an impressive £5,900, or nearly $7,500, is a beloved part of Middleton’s collection, so much so that she is rarely seen without it.

The high quality Ballon Bleu de Cartier fake watches is known for its elegant design, featuring a round case, Roman numerals, and a distinctive blue sapphire cabochon crown. It perfectly complements Kate’s sophisticated style (and her engagement ring), but doesn’t feature the typical diamonds or jewels typically found in the Royal Family‘s jewelry and accessories. While it hasn’t been confirmed that Middleton gave Archer the cheap UK Cartier copy watches, who else would have such impeccable taste?

Archer, who has been with Middleton since 2007, initially started as a personal assistant to both William and Kate before transitioning into her role working for the Wales family in 2010, and then as Middleton’s stylist starting in 2014. Graduating from King’s College London with a degree in Hispanic Studies, Archer has proven her dedication through and through, becoming an indispensable part of Middleton’s team.

“Natasha deserves this boost – she’s unfailingly discreet and loyal to Kate,” shared an insider, reflecting on Archer’s recent promotion. Middleton bestowed this well-deserved raise and title upgrade upon Archer earlier this month, a move confirmed by her updated LinkedIn profile. “The salary boost will be welcome too. This appointment means we can expect to see Natasha by Kate’s side for years to come.”

Their bond has only strengthened over time, particularly through Middleton’s recent health challenges. Following an abdominal operation earlier this year, Archer has been constantly at Middleton’s side. The two have reportedly been “inseparable” throughout Middleton’s recovery, with Archer being the one to pick her up post-surgery. “It seems to be Kate’s way of thanking her for her loyalty,” another insider noted.

Royal biographer Claudia Joseph highlighted Archer’s integral role: “Natasha has been at Kate’s side since she joined the Royal Family and will be a tower of strength for her as she fights her battle against cancer. She was one of a handful of people who visited the Princess at the London Clinic, and is, no doubt, available to her day and night, whenever she wants a chat.”

Archer’s support extends beyond personal to professional realms. She’s crucial in preparing Middleton for public appearances, especially after royal births. “Natasha, who is five years younger than Kate, has been in the Princess’s orbit for more than 13 years and has witnessed all the key events in her life: she has been at her side for Royal weddings, births and overseas tours,” Joseph noted.

Given Archer’s unwavering support over the years, it’s fitting that Middleton would gift her friend and confidante best Cartier replica watches to commemorate their enduring journey together.